Fair Game Logo Design and Brand Identity

Logo Design and Brand Identity
A new luxury brand bringing the excitement and experience of game shooting without the use of live game. Their ambition is to give seasoned game shooters, also known as ‘Guns’, the experience of a real shoot rambling through the grounds of a Yorkshire stately home.
With a wealthy client base, their branding had to reflect the high-end and prestigious brands their clients know and love. Taking inspiration from Saville Row tailors and classic scotch whisky i have created a brand identity which would fit well amongst the brands of the elite. 

Logotype – The main logotype is custom designed. To mirror with the bespoke nature of the Fair Game experiences it felt right that their logotype should be designed from scratch.

Icon – The pheasant soars above the logotype to emphasise that no animals are harmed on a Fair Game shoot.
Small logo – A makers mark, a seal of approval.
Colour Palette – Earthy tones and tweed, with muted red and gold accent colours. All colour which can be found in the Yorkshire countryside.

This was an unused design option.

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