Four Corks. Our supper club logo

Our Four Corks Supper Club is all about; good food, good drink, good company.

It all began with those evenings where friends would pop over, someone would prepare some food and we all have a great time. Then our friends bought a bottle of benedictine from the 70s. This changed everything.

The supper club evolved into a wonderfully curated evening where we choose a country and design a menu with food, drink and music of that place.

The first was a French night, all stemming from that bottle of Benedictine. We enjoyed amazing french cuisine with perfectly paired wines. Set to the music of Django Reinhardt, Mr.Oizo and Daft Punk. 

The name, Four Corks, came from that first night – we had four bottles of wine, there are four in our group, it just made sense.

As we had a name it seemed right that I would design a logo and this is the result. The logotype had to resemble our group, full of character with quirky bits. I brought in a style that has a slight french feel but something which would also translate through many types of cuisine. The plan is to have events for years to come, covering as many countries as we can think of. I’m particularly excited about Japanese night.

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