36 Days of Type plus a mini-brand

Last year I committed to doing the 36 Days of Type challenge and I really enjoyed having to produce a great looking letter every day. At the end of it, I had an amazing set of letters and numbers.

I wanted to push myself with this years 36 Days of Type by designing a logotype and brand to accompany each letter. 

The Logo Designs

Wave Logo Design
Jontys Logo Design
Overture Logo Design
Ten Logo Design
Square Logo Design
Rule and Co Logo Design
River Logo Design
Quire Logo Design
Proof Logo Design
Pinch Logo Design
Oast Logo Design
Lift Logo Design
Kove Logo Design
All Good Juice Logo Design
Jakes Logo Design
House Logo Design
Four Logo Design
Fixer Logo Design
Fifth Logo Design
Zest Logo Design
Scribe Logo Design
Ement Logo Design
Eighty Six Logo Design
Decan Logo Design
Darlk Logo Design
BIG Logo Design

Doing a logo and brand per day has been a lot of work, but it’s allowed me to explore and develop many different styles and at the same time build a nice portfolio of concept work.

There was no brief, the only boundary I set was – the brands all had to be in the drinks industry. This is purely an exercise of exploration and idea development. I found that as the challenge went on the ideas came to me much quicker with less overthinking and generally I liked them more.

Designing a brand per day is a pretty big commitment, maybe a little more than I anticipated while doing this between my normal client work. I made sure that I only dedicated a couple of hours each day to this and having that extra restriction meant that I had to run with the first few ideas. It also meant that I couldn’t do much research, if any, but the point of this challenge was always to play with designs and let them flow out naturally.

We are now on day 26 – letter Z and I have 26 new logos with a drink mock-up. By the end, I will have 36 – 36 new logos!!

The 36 Days of Type letters

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