Last year I joined LogoLounge and submitted a few logos hoping to win a spot in the LogoLounge 14 book. After months of waiting and waiting they have finally announced the winning logos. From over 30,000 logos submitted to I have managed to secure two places.

Logolounge winning logos. perspective

The first logo, Perspective, was also chosen as part of the LogoLounge Trend Report 2023.

This logo was part of a brand identity development for Perspecting Podcast. We eventually went with a different direction for their brand identity but this logo as a stand-alone piece was too nice not to submit to LogoLounge.

The second logo was for the Best Beer Club. This logo was part of a set which were eventually used as a sticker pack that went into a custom beer box.

I submitted only 40 logos in total for the Logolounge 14 book so I feel extremely lucky to have been chosen from the 30,000+ submissions. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been for the judges to whittle that down to only 3000 (I think) for the new book.

Here are a few more of the logos I submitted, and some I didn’t get around to submitting.

My two logos that won places in LogoLounge 14

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