When designing a logo, preparation is key

Here are my 5 tips and things you need to remember when designing a logo.

Planning and preparation are key!

  1. Do your research. Always get plenty of info from your client about their business. Find out what they are wanting to achieve, who their ideal client is and what their core values are.
  2. Gather inspiration. Collect images and other bits that will be your guide to a great design.
  3. Sketch! This is where you get all those ideas, no matter how good or band, on paper.
  4. Keep it simple. Refine your design to make the logo/mark as simple and elegant as possible, simple logos are memorable logos!
  5. Scale. In a world where branding has to fit miniature icons to large billboards, as a logo designer you have to design with this level of range in mind.


Usually a great logo is part of a bigger brand identity with other supporting design elements, colour palettes, fonts and guidelines.

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