I made it into the Typodarium 2022

This month’s exciting design news came in the form of the 2022 Typodarioum.

I’m extra proud to be featured in next years Typodarium 2022 calendar. Just like those classic calendars before ical, the Typodarium is a tear-off, typeface-per-day. Each page reveals a new typeface with a little explanation about it and the designer, to fill you with inspiration and feed your font fetish.

Two of my recent fonts; ‘Take Note‘ and ‘Something New‘ made the cut, alongside a fantastic selection of fonts from other great type designers.

Typodarium is published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. More than 10,000 copies are sold in design shops, museum shops and bookshops around the world.

You can find a copy over at slanted.de and a few other places online.

Typod 2 copy

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